Yippee! Dr. Joshi’s coming back!


Less than 2 weeks to go…but there is still time to register for the September 2017 Joshi Seminar in Montreal!

Pronghorn Antelope, Cabin Lake Road, Fort Rock, Oregon

This year’s program -Noble Gases & Rodents, Mustilidae and Bovidae

In the four years since Dr. Bhawisha Joshi started conducting seminars in Montreal…

  • Our group has grown larger
  • Our practices have evolved
  • We’ve branched out with webinar capability for out-of-towners.
  • The low Canadian dollar is making our seminar very appealing to homeopaths South-of-the-Border
  • And in 2017 there may be live French interpretation because many French-speaking homeopaths are excited to jump on board. (S.V.P. dites-nous si vous êtes intéressé(e) au cours en français,..)


The clear message from Montreal homeopaths is the desire to master the differentiation of animal remedies, so we have dedicated three days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) to the following mammal remedies -

  • Rodent (mouse, rat, mole, prairie dog, squirrel, groundhog, porcupine)
  • Castoridae (beaver)
  • Lagomorpha (rabbit, hare)
  • Mephitidae (skunk)
  • Procyonidae (raccoon)
  • Mustilidae (otter, weasel, marten, ferret, mink, badger, wolverine)
  • Bovidae (bison, African buffalo, water buffalo, antelopes, gazelles, sheep, goats, muskoxen, domestic cattle)

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of animals!” and you’d be right, but first, since not everyone needs an animal remedy, let’s start out with one day entirely dedicated to…

  • The Noble Gases

After all, noble gases are commonly needed in practice yet are often overlooked. So we’ll start the seminar off on Friday with them. She’ll do a case from each one. And once their mysteries are unlocked, imbibing the minerals of the periodic table may just become a piece of cake. wp50ce6536_06



September 15-18, 2017 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Attend the Seminar live or by webinar with extended viewing


FRIDAY, Sept 15 – Noble Gases
SATURDAY, Sept 16 – Rodents
SUNDAY, Sept 17 – Mustelidae
MONDAY, Sept 18 – Bovidae



*Prices in CAD.

In Person Webinar (live or recorded)
Full Conference $540 $490
3 Days $415 $375
1 Day $140 $125


La Plaza 420 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal, QC,  H3A 1B4 Very close to buses, subways, & restaurants. On-site parking$10 per day.

(Service d’interprète en français possible si il y a un minimum de participants.)

388-IMG_8774[1] The 2017 Joshi Seminar will be held at La Plaza in downtown Montreal.




An in depth study of all of the Noble Gases, with a case from each row, enabling homeopaths to feel confident in the clinic with the elusive gas remedies – Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon.


Special coverage of local animal remedies:  Differentiating Small, Medium and Large-Sized North American Mammals - Rodents, Mustilidae and Bovidae.

As Dr. Joshi continues with her coverage of the Animal Kingdom, the aim of this year’s program is to concentrate on material essential to a North American homeopath’s practice. These three days will cover a large range of animals native to our land, which will be commonly needed in practices here in Montreal and which is almost completely unknown to the wider homeopathic community. Nowhere else is this kind of material being taught. Dr. Joshi will share video cases and teach the differentiation of important small, medium and large-sized North American mammal species, such as:  

RODENTS: mouse, rat, mole, prairie dog, squirrel, groundhog, porcupine,


LAGOMORPHA:  rabbit and hare



MUSTILIDAE (the largest family of carnivorous mammals):    otter, weasel, marten, ferret, mink, badger, and wolverine

BOVIDAE: bison, water buffalo, antelope, gazelles, sheep, goats, domestic cattle


The seminar begins promptly at 9:00 and will end at 5:00. La Plaza is very convenient to buses and subways. On-site indoor parking is at a reduced rate of $10 per day. The location is within walking distance to a great variety of restaurants, or a lunch can be eaten in the classroom. Small snacks will be provided on the classroom tables.  Please bring your own coffee and tea to the event.


This is the fourth consecutive year that world-renowned homeopath Dr. Bhawisha Joshi is returning to Montreal to teach the next installment of her internationally acclaimed system for homeopathic mapping of the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms. This training continues to build on the foundations of past trainings. Her mapping system is easy to learn and there is no requirement to have attended past lectures.    IMG_7194 IMG_7196

The 2016 conference room in Outremont, QC.


Dr. Joshi’s long-awaited and ground-breaking book on the subject, “Homeopathy and Patterns in Mammals,”  will be available for purchase at the 2017 event.


With her inimitable style and dynamism, Dr. Joshi will share her case taking methods and analysis, thus building a solid understanding for Montreal homeopaths to successfully navigate animal cases and master the previously uncharted Animal Kingdom.  She will continue to elucidate logical correlations that she has identified between the Animal and Mineral Kingdoms, and teach animal subkingdoms through differentiation in her clear, concise and entertaining way. 


The 2015 Joshi Seminar at a loft in the Mile End section of Montreal.

Dr. Joshi’s work is a compilation of 17 years of clinical experience and hundreds of clinical cases. Her system is straightforward and can be quickly implemented into practice. Homeopaths who study with her find case taking becomes easier and difficult cases become clear. The undisputed expert in the use of animal remedies in homeopathy, Dr. Joshi is recognized worldwide for her research, insights and extensive work with remedies from the Mineral, Plant, Imponderable, and Animal Kingdoms.


Dr. Joshi is an insightful and engaging educator and a well-established presenter at international homeopathic conferences. She conducts training in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States and is widely published in homeopathic journals. She is the author of several homeopathic books including the “Quick Book of Minerals and Animals,” “Explore Your Inner Human-Animal Connection,” and her newly released, “Homeopathy and Patterns in Mammals.” 

Dr. Bhawisha Joshi and her husband Dr. Shachindra Joshi are known internationally as the Dynamic Duo of Homeopathy.  Patients from all over the world come to their Mumbai clinic for treatment. You can find their picture hanging in the British Science Museum in London representing Homeopathy.  Learn more about the Joshis on their website: www.drjoshisclinic.com

For homeopaths interested in viewing past trainings, Dr. Joshi’s lectures are available by private Montreal screenings at reduced rates. Please write to info@joshihomeopathymtl.com for more information.


The four-day seminar also includes the following material:

  • Case taking methods to best reveal the animal picture.
  • Recognizing when a remedy from the Animal Kingdom is needed.
  • Correlating the client’s language to subkingdoms within the Animal Kingdom.
  • Differentiating between species once a subkingdom is found.
  • Systematically recognizing animal remedies that are not in our Materia Medica.
  • Periodic table correlations to the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom.


Some Highlights from the 2015 Seminar…

Dr. Joshi visits “Le Sanctuaire” to be in top shape so she can give us her best…



Breaks and lunches are opportunities for lively discussions among colleagues.




An outing to the Contemporary Art Museum’s “Les Nocturnes du Mac”



Post-seminar relaxation with a well-deserved green smoothie.


All good things must come to an end. Dr. Joshi heads back to India.


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